Cheap foldable mat??

Where can I get a small grappling mat -- smaller than 10 feet -- that I can easily fit in my car and transport often. It doesn't have to be great. Just something so that I can fall without killing myself.

Also -- where can I get something like this cheaper:

anyone? Bueller?

I dont know if the guys still there, but i got some off ebay that were pretty good and not too expensive. just do a search for wrestling mat, or gym mat, or folding... you get the idea, good luck!

Swain has several folding mat models but I wouldn't necessarily call them cheap. They have an 8 foot squre mat thats in the $250 range. There's the guy on ebay who sells the puzzle-piece 7.5 foot square set from Brazil (less than an inch thick btw) in the $120+ range.

None of that fits my definition of 'cheap' until you start looking at refurbished wrestling mats and/or tatami mats...

where i got my mats-


TTT for instructions on making your own wrestling mat.


I'd be content with even thin ones - anything under 100 bucks?