Chechens took Aleks' car away over alcoholism

Russian mixed martial arts fighter Artur Guseinov spoke about Alexander Emelianenko.

“Emelianenko? He’s a fiddler. Let me explain why. He said that he would not drink, he said that he would not drink for a year. What he did? He got drunk like a pig and his car was taken away. They did right. They sponsored him, organized everything. He is still trying to open his mouth to someone from this organization. How can he say that when they were feeding him. What Ramzan Kadyrov did for him, he did for very few people. He was paid fees, money was given for preparation, a car was presented. Why was he beaten, saw what was done to him in Grozny?

Do you know why? Because he was drunk. He came to training, his breath stank. They busted him drunk, and put the master of sports in boxing against him. The guy is tough, what he did to him. Hit him like a bag. It was a lesson for him. There are many moments, I don’t want to tell everything and stoop to his level, ”said Artur Huseynov in an interview with the YouTube channel“ Vestnik MMA ”.

Earlier, Emelianenko spoke harshly about Huseynov, calling him a “Dagestan pig.” In response, Huseynov accused Emelianenko of insulting the nation and said that the conflict would be resolved only when Alexander was on his knees to beg for mercy.

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Well at least they didn’t kill his dog.

Fair to say he bit the hand that fed him.

Met Aleks at affliction , he was drunking

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Me too, he drank a whole bottle of vodka in the hotel after the fights then got mad when we were told to go upstairs instead of staying in the lobby bar area


I predicted a few months ago he’s going to disappear one day hanging with these guys. He’s too out of control for their liking and beliefs.

Speaking of pigs why didn’t they take Khabib’s cousin’s car away after he hit a cop?

Chechens and Dagis are not as close as you might think. Looks like Kadyrov wholeheartedly believed he could bring Aleks back, And he did! If you remember a couple of fights when Aleks just became Chechen, he looked very good, was roided and such. The guy just couldn’t stay consistent with his sobriety. Kadyrov could like Aleks more than Khabi for all I know.

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A Russian drinking. Who’d have thunk it.

He’ll have to get on his knees for forgiveness doesn’t sound like a person who is liked lol

It’s Huseinov, a Dagi fighter, who wants to put him on his knees, not Kadyrov

When I become fluent in Russian, I’m visiting you, touch.


And why do you need to be fluent in Russian to visit me. I speak Engrish just fine.

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When I visit Russia, I want to speak the language. The experience is night and day when visiting a country and you speak the native tongue. I want to have conversations and know Russia on a level that only knowing the language can accomplish.

Still you don’t need to be fluent in Russian for that. Watch bald and bankrupt videos. The guy has terrible grammar, he just knows words and puts them together. That doesn’t prevent him from getting around and speaking with people in their native tongue. So come, don’t be afraid.

Maybe fluent isn’t the right word, but I want to have conversations and understand very well. I know Spanish, so it’s easier for me learning a 3rd language. My only problem is motivation, because I am teaching myself. Fortunately I have a fantastic book that focuses more on conversation than grammar.

Ok. If you want to ask something about Russian language, go ahead.

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Kadyrov speaks very beautiful and petic Russian language in his IG posts btw, gotta give him that.

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Thanks touch!

But alcohol is haram in Islam.