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I originally posted this on the S&C forum a few days ago, but completely spaced out on letting you guys know about it as well.

Here it is:

Some of you have already read Paul Hopkins' post about the latest project to arrive, and as the thread title implies it's called Card PT.

Card PT is something I was introduced to back in 1990 going through Dive School and it's a training tool that I've used with classes and clients over the last 17 (or so) years.

Most of us have seen variations of card workouts on the internet, but I was lucky enough to team up with the guys from Hybrid Fitness (creators of the infamous Got Snatch shirts) and we were able to put a completely unique perspective on this method of working out.

Instead of printing exercises on each card (which can cost a lot of money), we designed 5 individual Templates with a specific theme for each one.

We have a Bodyweight, MMA/Grappling, Kettlebell, Sportband, and an Extreme Template.

By using the Templates, we aren't limited by what we can print on a card and allows us to create future Templates with relative ease.

The book is to the point without a lot of the nonsense you get in so many other books out there. I lay out exactly how to use the Templates and give you several different ways to "play". The pictures feature forum member Taku and the layout makes everything perfectly clear.

I haven't been this excited about a project since the Mod. 1 came out and I really hope you guys enjoy this and everything else the guys at Hybrid and I come out with in the future.

Right now, we're knocking $10 the normal price for fellow forum members. You can read more about this on my site: SCRAPPER CARD PT

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask or drop me an email.

Train hard,


p.s. You can hop on the S&C forum to find out what some of the other people are saying about it.

hey fish, hows life treating you?

Getting better. Still in the process of getting back SOME of my equipment, but it's gonna take some time.

How's it on your end?

ttt, gonna buy a copy

Sweet! You won't be disappointed.

I will get one to next month scrappers products
are top notch!!!


ttt for the epiphany I just had


What epiphany? :)




Why Scrapper, I'm glad you asked (I saved the story so I could bump this again later):

I was thinking about fighting, chicks, and working out recently, and something hit me. Back in the day, I did a lot of your workouts, fought at 170-185, won more often than not, and landed hot chicks. Now, somewhere along the line I thought that if I started lifting weights, I could add some muscle, win MORE fights and pick up even HOTTER chicks. So now I'm at 205, not as lean as used to be, getting my ass kicked and slumping with chicks. I think the toughness of your type of training gives me more alpha male...ness (?) than lifting nicely balanced weights in a nicely air conditioned gym.

Time to start kicking/getting more ass.