Check out my site!


Check out my new website and tell me what you think.

I will be adding stuff later such as articles, techniques, etc

Jason Keaton

Sorry dude,it looks horrible. The text on the BJJ page is all messed up on my browser. I can't read it. The colors lack contrast and are hard to read. Nothing is alligned. The spacing is bizarre. I think you need to find someone who can do a better job for you. It doesn't look professional. It looks like a fourth grader site. On the up side, you school looks good. Your website just doesn't reflect it.

Hey, it'll get better. I'm a fighter not a web designer.

But I do have a friend that will take it over.

but yeah, the logo is good


hope to see you soon, Jason

Being a former web designer if you want anyone to take you seriously get yourself a pro web designer or a web template but lose that site. No offense it looks like a kid made it.

Well, I am getting a pro to do it. I bascially put up all the info so when he takes it over he will have it. I know it doesn't look great but it has been working to get people the info they need until I have a better one.

Hey, it took me a day to do it!