Check out my website please

I am in the process of creating a website dedicated to fighters of MMA. The plan is to do character pieces on selected fighters. Posting interviews, videos etc. Doing in depth biographies about each fighter.

The website is

If you guys have any suggestions (format, content please let me know. If there are fighters that you think would be interested in being previewed please contact me.

The website is in its very early stages but any feedback would be helpful.

Thank you,

Wait, don't you know that only blues are allowed to endlessly spam their bullshit around here?

thanks for the support zeb

Thanks Suess. Those pictures are def going to change. I appreciate the feedback.

The only feedback I have about your website is the width of the page. Just a personal pet peev i have with websites that I have to scroll left and right to view. just my opinion....

I will check out your website if you Check out my lean. Check out my lean Check out my lean Check out my lean.

dont like the ident that big at the top , all the fonts could do with being reduced in size imo.

other than that , i love the layout , nice and simple , bring it back when you have a bit more content .

oh and at least buy a bluename you FUCKING CHEAP SCUMBAG and before you start bitching about it not being a commercial site , you will get God knows how many hits on your site from this thread which could lead to advertising revenue .you should REALLY be forking out for a redname , especially considering the name of your site.

I hope you get fuckin banned !

p.s love the site.

Thanks for the comments, but why do you care about the color of my name?

this endeavor will end well, i promise.

suess -  i have to do no such scrolling.  are you on a 15 inch monitor old man?  <3

nope its 19" from top left to bottom right....


suess -

What the fuck suess? I clicked on that link hoping to be mattbattled but it actually went to I am seriously fucking gutted :-(

cool concept but the site has nothing to comment on

WiccidBJJ - kwik,
Thanks for the comments, but why do you care about the color of my name?

did i not just go into detail about that ?