Check out our pro belts! Renaissance MMA

Our first pro belt goes up for grabs in August.I wish I knew how to post the pic but if you want to see it go to and look at the gallery undr MMA belts and let me know what you think and if you would like to one day fight for it!



Hey Warren,

Nice belts! Would love to get some of our guys to fight up there for you. Heard some good things about your show. Weve got guys at all weights and skill levels.

Look forward to hearing from you,

John Hartnett

American Top Team 


Awesome belts. Great design. I am impressed.

Looking so forward to the upcoming show. Should be a great night.

Top for Warren, James Orso, Tony "The Tracter" Roberts and Marcus "Money" Sursa


Please leave your problems with relatives to your self and your therapist.


What branch of ATT are you with? We have had Paul Rodriguez's guys down as well as Renato's and Charles Mccarthy's.Always welcome you guys!Great fighters and great guys.They always perform well and have a great time.


Maybe some of your guys can compete for one in the near future!

those are very nice


I am from the headquarters in Coconut Creek. Shoot me an email with your contact info.

orso is the shit and the tractor is a big mean bully?

when are they fighting? and who?


I can be reached at Jose Figueroa and Renato Tavares are both scheduled to compete on our Aug 23 card.Two great representatives of ATT.Jose will fight Gary Hancock for our 155 title and Renato will fight Jarred Becks.This card should put us on the map!


Orso fights Joe Christopher from N.Texas MMA(3-1).He comes from a great school and did not hesitate in accepting the fight againnst a wrecking machine in Orso.Tractor is fighting Scott Barrett from Georgia.Scott wrestled in college and was our am heavyweight champion.He has fought on our show twice and defeated LSU football player and 2 time Texas state wrtestling champion Sean Jordan and Steven Skooch from Okla who held an am belt from up there.

You do not want to miss the main event as Brad Baker(2005 Shidokan World Champion) takes on Marcus Sursa.Brad KOed Nathan Sanchez on our first show and Marcus gave Alan Belcher all he could handle.

The show is Friday Aug 8 at the Civic Center in Houma.Hope to see you there!

Cool belts. Harnett you are a fag.

Congrats. I remember talking to Randy about that belt over a year ago when I saw the artwork for it. I was wondering why I never saw any updated pics with a champion holding it.

We wanted some guys to come in and establish themselves in this market prior to putting the belts up for grabs.

The lightweight belt is being built as we speak for the Aug 23 rd show and the others will be offered between then and th end of the year.

Check out our website and plan a trip to a great American city known as New Orleans planned around a first rate pro/am show.

have guys interested on being on the card ammy and pro


Love to get an opportunity for one of my guys to fight for one of those awesome belts. Orso is definatley an awesome 170lb and Tractor is on a five fight win streak with all ko's except for one. Tractor is on a roll. Orso is going to be in the big show with in the next year so he would definatley be a great champion for you.

Top for an awesome event!!!

Hi Warren,


Look forward to meeting you.


Have those guys ready for the 8th b/c winner of those fights will be in pole position for a shot in the near future!