check out


Sounds very good. TTT


just a way to people know how is a "day by day " in the we conduct the training and share some skills, styles and ideas with the people that want to train, learn or just want to know what it is to see our "habitat"...

what's up sensei!... :-)

TTT-  Will be watching daily once the stream is up and running!

damn, TTT for this one

Thanks RAZE. TTT for the prodigy!

Once again, penn shows he is the man!

Just another reason why BJ Penn is one of the coolest, most respect worthy fighters in the world. Awesome.

I watched it at lunch and it was great. My question is will you be able to save them? So you can go back over them at a later date if he adds a new one? I showed my son later and it had to reload again from the beginning? What a great guy to do that, because we live away from any training like his so I thank him for the videos. TTT for BJ

not sure how the logistics of it are going to work...

will ask and pass along suggestions when i speak to him...

the footage that's up now is just kind of a test i think...

but yeah, i'm excited as hell too, to get to see what they're teaching over there on any given day... :-)


TTT for Penn


I left an email on that website forever ago and never got a reply.

That was one negative but his video training thing sounde extremely cool.

Glad to hear it, always thought he was cool.

On an unrelated note "Penn is the man" reminded me of that old SNL Jeopardy skit/


ttt for a true peoples champion

Oh my God.