Chicago: Halloween Party

Well, this UFC was a bust because my bar was already reserved for that day, but I am holding a fundraiser Halloween party at Jefferson Tap & Grille on Thursday October 28 9:30-12:30 OPEN BAR: well drinks, domestic beer, house wine for only $30! 3 hours of drinking for only $30! Jefferson Tap is located at 325 N. Jefferson (Jefferson & Fulton at the dead end of Jefferson) Bring everyone! Dress up and get loopy! I am trying to get support from business to have prizes like a membership to Crunch and whatever else I can round-up. I will do my best to get my hottie friend Lindsay to tend the bar again. I have not been in top spirits since my injury, so cheer me up by showing in large groups and get just stupid drunk with the UG, my clients, and my friends. I guarantee a great time.

come on Chicago, help me out...keep this thread up until next week please...going to be a great time: liquor, hotties, great bar food, great place...if you not there, you are going to miss out. Ask anyone who has been to one of my parties...legendary...


sounds like good time. ill be at liars club that night. but i will keep this to the top for ya. for anyone that doesnt have plans i would highly recommend a party hosted by jason at jefferson tap. he is a cool guy and jefferson tap is a great place to have few(few to many) drinks at.



bender... see you at ironheart
nov 20 2004

Jason knows how to party....oh yeah and throw a party also! Ill be at the bash assuming I dont have too much on my plate for the next morning at school!

Hey Bender... I heard that you met my friend, the coyote... she was passing out promos at Crunch.

I think I'm off and will be able to come to your fundraiser. Hope you can raise the cash.



I did meet you friend indeed, is she looking for a husband, or boyfriend, or love slave? (God I pray she is not a fighter's sister or girlfriend). She is stellar though. I appreciate your support Eric. This will be yet another time you have come through for me. If you need ANY help during the IHC, let me know. I would be more than willing to be your friend's assistant for the evening. Thank you to everyone trying to make an appearance at Jefferson's. It WILL be a blast!



Explain to me again how a 5 dollar bet on Randy Couture won me 2 dollars?


All I can tell you is I tried to put on a great show, tried to make it interesting by placing bets (along with trying to make enough money to cover costs), and I barely remember the Belfort-Couture match b/c I was getting Jack Daniel's handed to me left and right. So I apologize if the bets became a little screwed up. Next time I will try to make it better.

LOL Nemesisinforcer...great name bro

hahaha... Bender, the coyote belongs to braulio!




I wouldnt mind going at all, but i wont be able to for another year, unless you can find me a way around that...


What the freak does Braulio need the coyote for I saw the hottie he was with on Saturday in Cicero.

"What the freak does Braulio need the coyote for I saw the hottie he was with on Saturday in Cicero."

haha... columi, I'm guessing that was probably the coyote.