Chicago seminar opportunity

This Sept I will be hosting a seminar with Master Ricardo Murgel. Master Murgel is a 7th degree red and black belt according to the CBJJ-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation, and also under his Master Flavio Behring (8 degree and former student under the Great Master Helio Gracie.) Master Murgel is associated with Master Flavio's organization, which now is spread out of Brazil, USA and Europe. Among their affiliated schools, is the famous Macaco Gold Team, from the BJJ and MMA fighter Jorge Patino Macaco, of Sao Paulo. One of his MMA fighters includes Valdir Linhares, who won the MECA X, which is the largest MMA event in South-America and now will return to MECA again, as well as South Africa this June. In Submission Wrestling( Abu-Dhabi) Master Mugel is the coach of Mark Robinson. Winner of the Abu-Dhabi 2001 Superheavy weight division and competitor at the 2003 Abu-Dhabi tournament in Brazil. Master Murgel is also coach to Nate Marquardt, 5 x midlle weight Pancrase Champion and a Abu-Dhabi competitor. In BJJ, his school, the Union World Fighting Team, has in the last six years, won more than a dozen state and south of Brazil BJJ championships, with more than 250 victories among his BJJ fighters. Master Murgel has had a world BJJ Master Champion, a female world Champion, and several runner-ups in different weight and belt divisions. This year he completes 48 years involved in the martial arts and 35 years as a Law Enforcement Instructor.
I can tell you first hand, training with Master Murgel is a unique and enlightening experience. His technique is always evolving and constantly moving in new directions. It wasnt until I met him that I realized I yet had so much more to learn. His seminars are hands on and always up to date.
I want to give everyone in the Chicago area the opportunity to train with someone I have the utmost repsect for. This seminar will take place between Aug 31st and Sep 2nd, date yet to be announced, and will be held in the O'Hare area. Advanced ticket sales will be discounted and their will be a limited number of attendies due to size of our facility. For further information or ticket sales direct all inquiries to