Hi Everyone,
We are excited to announce that Rodney will be launching the first ever Interactive Gym for his stand-up training program. With the increasing popularity of Rodney's material and the hundreds of e-mail questions we get a week, we feel this is the right time and even more importantly a necessity for many to launch this project. This is going to revolutionize the way the MA is trained and coached and will give everyone who is training in Rodney's material, either by video or who attends his seminars etc; the opportunity to improve and explode there game to the next level every week.

As we did for the pre-order release of our videos, we are giving you first opportunity to sign-up for a special introductory offer. This offer will only be valid for the first 30 people to e-mail us (Which we expect to be snatched up within the next two days of the release of this e-mail), there after the program price will increase. E-mail us back with your confirmation that you will join the Interactive Gym Program when launched in a couple of weeks (No payment required now) and we will also send you a FREE official Street Brawl T-shirt (Limited to the first 30 sign-ups).Please also note which program you will be signing-up for when pre-registering. Read below and for further questions contact Rodney personally.

HOW THE INTERACTIVE GYM WILL WORK: Question & video answer (Q & VA)
This program is open to anyone, no affiliation necessary! Simply you ask a question on anything to do with Stand-up, Clinch boxing, MMA and Rodney will personally film the answer and post it up on to the Interactive Gym area. You will then be able to download the clip directly to your personal computer and have your question answered via video. All other Interactive Gym participants can also access yours and other participants Q & VA (There will probably be several Q & VA up at any one time so not only your question will be answered but you can learn from others as well). Anyone could obviously see the direct impact this could make to there game as everyone can see straight away what they need to do and how to train it. No more written answers, or waiting for the next video to be released or next seminar with Rodney, which could be months away.

Questions can relate to any part of the stand-up, clinch boxing ad MMA game, this includes any problems you may be having, or new questions on material that have not been covered yet, follow-ups to previous questions and so forth. It is totally up to you on what you would like to ask (Question guidelines will be set-up to help you in asking your questions and having them answered correctly).

This is going to be especially great for our distance learners. All you need now is a partner and a question, and spend time training the material provided. Every week you can ask a new question and the learning process will continue.

Rodney personally guarantees that this program will be run professionally and all Q & VA will be answered timelessly. As all of you have come to expect from Rodney and his products, great quality and top notch world class material, this will be put 100% into this program. Although Rodney will still be answering all questions e-mailed to him, his priority will shift to the Interactive Gym participants first. He will also be viewing everyone who is in the Interactive Gym as his own personal students and part of his gym. So your constant improvement is important to him.

What you get for the basic & premium Q & VA packages:
-Q & VA of any question pertaining to training in stand-up, clinch boxing and MMA (This can also include interview questions. Remember basic package is limited to 2 Q & VA a week and the premium is unlimited Q & VA).

-Access to our exclusive discussion group. This is where you can communicate online with other Interactive Gym participants and discuss training, current video clips etc... Rodney will also be posting continuously on this section.

-Rodney will still be available for standard e-mail responses as not all questions necessarily have to be answered by video.

-Discounts on future STG Production launches as well as merchandise.

-Every few months, depending on the amount of questions received & archived, ST Interactive Gym will compile a DVD with all the questions asked over those months, which will be sent to you FREE of charge. Watch all the footage in digital quality and you will also be able to build a Q & VA library of all past questions covered. Exclusive to ST Interactive members only. This material will not be sold to anyone, only ST Interactive participants will receive Q & VA DVD's.

- Periodic fun video clips

-Exclusive articles on training, philosophy etc. Kathy Feldman one of USA premier Fitness Instructors will be writing for the Interactive Gym. Written Q & A's (Only) can be asked of her as well.
And lots more to come.....

Basic Q & VA package cost:
The following prices are for pre-launch only and are subject to change on launch date, so sign-up now!

A private with most coaches today costs in excess of $100-00 for a 30 minute session, classes could cost you in excess of $150-00 p/m. Compare this to what you will be paying to be part of the ST Interactive Gym, which is just like taking classes or even more like privates!

Basic Q & VA package: $300-00 per year (Limited to 2 Q & VA questions a week, that's eight Q & VA's a month. That's less than $4-00 a question!
Premium Q & VA: $600-00 per year,(Unlimited Q & VA with Rodney. As many Q & VA's as you like throughout the year).

Additional Extras:

-Video Analysis
Send your sparring tapes to us and we will analysis what you are doing. There after we will give you a comprehensive break down of what you where doing wrong or right and what you need to work on to improve your sparring and overall game.

You may send in as many tapes as you like. Please note that you have to already be a basic or premium package Q & VA participant to take advantage of the video analysis package.

Sparring Analysis Cost:
Additional $100-00 per year.

-Interactive Coaching Q & VA
This program has been specifically designed for coaches. Not only do you get all the benefits form all our existing programs, unlimited Q & VA, access to our exclusive discussion group and Sparring Analysis Program but you can also get Q & VA on how to coach specific material. This would include drills on improving specific aspects of the stand-up game as well as any questions related to coaching. As an additional offer you may submit video footage of you coaching a class and we will give you tips on what you need to change and improve on in order to improve your coaching ability for yourself and students.

Standard Coaching Q & VA package cost
$1000-00 per year
$700-00 per year (You save $300-00. This is for coaches who are currently training with Rodney or hosting him for seminars).
*If you are planning to have Rodney out, but still haven't but would like the $300-00 discount contact us for more information.

Rodney "Chico" King powered by and


Any thoughts of monthly payments or something similar?

Im sure its worth it , but even a $300 US payment upfront might be too much for some, me :)


Hi Rich,
I understand what you are saying. Unfortunently it would create huge headaches attempting a month by month payement system.

Also as I will be making the commitment to help each person out individually who joins up, I feel it important that people make equall commitment. So a once up payment is really not unfair. Besides like anything you have to prioritize and see the value in things.

It always amazes me how people have no problem going out on the weekends, spending money on girls who will never talk to them again and waisting money on alcohol just to have a good time but regret it for the whole weekend:) If they look back how much money they spent over the month they would be totally suprised and probably could of payed of the Interactive Gym for the year.

We have already had several pre-sign ups. I am not been unrealistic about this either, I know it will take some time to catch on and I know people are waiting to see from those who do join up how it works out.

I can assure everyone that it is going to be a major priority and I have allocated specefic time for it each day. So it will be very professional and a great experience for everyone involved. Once I feel that I have reached my limit of of much Q & VA I can deal with I will close of the program and then people will have to be put on a waiting list.

So anyone who joins up now is in for life. This is really going to change the way MA is trained and I know it is going to make a positive impact!

$30-00 a month works out to dinner and possible two beers.....think about it:)



p.s. I am still taking pre sign-ups

"It always amazes me how people have no problem going out on the weekends, spending money on girls who will never talk to them again and waisting money on alcohol just to have a good time but regret it for the whole weekend:)"

Hey! Have you been spying on me? ;)

Edit: Just to add, it sounds like an amazing idea, and yeah , your right about prioritizing ones finances.



Rodney: You have mail:)



when will you officially start?


Hi Ian,
Just waiting for the web guys to finish, it's Christmas time now, not always a good time to ask people to do things:)

I have had tons of enquiries and pre-sign-ups it is really going to be a great project to work on!



Sounds like a ridiculously cool idea. I like it a lot! I wish I was training stand up more intensely. Maybe you can talk to some SBG BJJ guys to set up this for BJJ! That would be so awesome!

ttt for Rodney's new venture and possibly a BJJ spinoff!

Hey GrdStorm,
Thanks bro. It is a really good idea. I am sure all those fools in South Africa who love to plagiarize my ideas are working on there own as we speak (You know who you are).

Seriously though, this program is open to anyone, even if they have just started stand-up or have been doing it for a while. Even if your priority is jits and you only occasionally work stand-up this will benefit from the program!

Let's see how this goes and I am sure there will be a SBG Jits interactive program as well:)



Awesome, I am very interested to see how this turns out! I think I'll start some stand up training toward the spring and summer when I have more time. Hopefully I'll have some extra cash by then! G'luck Chico!