Chico's video&T christmas special

STG Christmas special:

If you have still not ordered Rodney "Chico" King's self-released two tape series now is your chance (Remember this is not the latest SBG released series). These tape have received phenomenal reviews from Martial Artists worldwide.

For a limited time only and before the 25th of December STG Productions will waiver all standard shipping costs if you purchase BOTH the Street Boxing Vol 1 & Clinch Boxing Vol1 tape series.

We will also waiver all standard shipping costs if you purchase two T-shirts or more
(Limit of 4 t-shirts per- order)

Important before you go to our site at and make your purchase e-mail for a Christmas order code so no shipping will be charged!

cool, good deal!

do you have any of the old school street brawl tshirts in stock?

like the one slim shady was wearing on that jackass video.

let me know!

"Freedom from the Donkeyhood of Martial Arts"


Just got mine - great tape set and excellent complement to the SBG produced tapes. It's already been mentioned but there is very little overlap and lots of great supplementary information.