Chok muay!

Hi, Been a fat bastard since i Was three GOT all the way up to 150-160 kilos and i managed to get down to 87kg in about 18 months This Was 2013. 2014 i found my wife and she eats a lot and is a very good cook so thanks to her im a fat bastard again and im gonna go lose some weight so im gonna go out of my comfort zone and go train muay thai in a place i dont know and with people i dont know. Im thinking maybe buriram, maybe kanchanaburi? Some place in Issan preferably, all I know I'm not going to Phuket or koh Samui or even Pattaya. Give me some tips for places to go and training please. 


Chang mai ?

Maybe, it's a good scene there atleast for fights I know, I'll check it out some more.



Kiatmoo9 gym is where you want to be. They are one of the top gyms at the moment