Chokes / Competition

I have been experiencing using chokes in competition. I always kind of knew them but they seem underutilized even with Newaza competition?

I lost a judo tournament years ago when I had somebody in a gi choke. Ref stood us up even though the person almost went out cold and was gargling because “lack of action” if that was jiu jitsu match I would’ve added him to a highlight reel. We stood up and I got foot swept going for a sumi gaeshi for ippon so I got added to his highlight reel. IMO, most judo refs know shit about grappling.

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Yeah sometimes they don’t see things. That’s weird he stood you up. Sometimes chokes take a minute to sink in.

I have been stood up a few times when having someones back and a double lapel choke. Most of their defense has been trying to hold onto my forearm as I start adjusting my grips. Off the top of my head I have been stood up about 4x. In the case I mentioned above I had the choke with hooks in and my opponent face down.

that sucks. I had that happen trying a Kata Jime.

I hate that shit about judo

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Chokes can be tough to do anyway.

Yes, with how tight people turtle or flatten as well as how quickly action is stopped. You have to time it perfectly with a throw.

I’m not sure if they don’t see things or legitimately don’t know wtf they’re seeing. I’m a bjj black belt and judo novice, who was working tables for a local tournament recently. The refs at this tournament stood up so many matches with fully locked in chokes, it was absolutely baffling to me. Seemed like they were not too interested in newaza AT ALL.

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That does happen. Depends on the quality of the tournament I think.

The comments are spot on. Local tournaments this happens alot. One time the opponent who was also a training partner some times went flat, I had the collar choke with one hand and blocking the side of the head with the other hand. The pressure is more on the windpipe in this positioni which can be dangerous. I applied the pressure gradually becauseI knew him and wanted to give him time to tap. He was gurgling to breath and the ref called mate. I told the ref he was getting ready to tap. He ended up winning the match by a small score. Ref knew us both. My disappointment was the good technique amid the care for my opponent…

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Happened to me like that also.