Chokeyou's thoughts on all this..

Glad to see MMA in LA legally.

Lister (just as he's been for years) is a fucking anaconda. First time in the UFC in a while someone had someone in the guard and you knew the other guy was toast. Nice to see the UFC letting fights be fights and not another boxing match.

Alessio was gang raped by the producers of the ULTIMATE FIGHTER. But you can read my opinion on that in my other threads.

I hate the UF. American Idol goes MMA. Yuck.

Royce is a god. Getting in the cage with Matt took stones. Unarguably a top 5 P4P on the planet, matt looked like Rickson the way he finished him.

Even at 40 something, I'd give a finger to see Rickson avenge Royce. Physically, that's a fucked up match up.

Was Annabelle sitting next to Chuck?