Chonan + Stripe of Doom =

Very dangerous! Blue namer pls help with pic.

Thanks SILK !

reverse strip of doom.


You are correct Einux, reverse wouldn't fit in the thread title though. LOL

i used that tape on my hip during rehab, kinda like an ace bandage you can slap on anywhere (pulls everything together). works great & i was told by my PT that is is real popular in asia-MM



"and how come karo never gets in shape?"

Karo: "Do you know who I am?!?"

Karo always looks like that.  If he trained with Couture I'm sure he is in shape even if he doesn't (shudder)...look in shape. 

This is a much better fight than most are giving it credit for being.

This is the fight Im looking forward to the most. Who's with me??

^^ I am...although after watching that video, Karo is gonna have his hands full with Ryo tonight, big time.

High 5

should be a good fight. I have always heard that Karo does not cut weight to fight at 170.


Should be fight of the night. Karo could fight 155 but didnt since the division was in limbo at the time. But hell he has had some of the best fights in the 170lb division and is one of the top 5.

If he wins I don't see how he can not be the next contender for the winner of Hughes v Serra. He was passed by due to injury and was awesome against Serra. Dude's got heart. Except for the Sanchez fight he brings it non stop.

Chonan is a beast of a fighter too and brings it full bore also. This should have been the main event.

Going to be sweet when Karo smashes Chonnan.I think it will actually be a beatdown by Karo.I mean Chonnan has had some amazing fights in Pirde but for some reason I keep seeing Karo dominating him in my head.

BTW whats Chonan's monkey number?

"BTW whats Chonan's monkey number? "

It's all kanji, we have no idea.