Chonan is scheduled to fight Carneiro in the next Deep event. This has the potential to be a very exciting fight. Chonan is on a role as of lately, and Carneiro's last performance in Brazil was great. I am excited to see how this fight will unfold.

Besides this, Imanari will fight with Maeda.

Chonan by tko. Although people may think Im riding the bandwagon, I have had faith in chonan back when he fought exclusivly in deep. Chonan is hard to submitt, and a much better striker.

any info. on carneiro?

Carneiro is a product of the Carlson Gracie gym and made the switch to BTT some time back. His roots are jiu jitsu, but he has some Vale Tudo experience. He had a rough start in the beginning, suffering a decision loss at Heroes Brazil, in Niteroi. To make it even rougher, he then took a fight against Anderson Silva and lost by? I think TKO.

I appears that he has been on somewhat of role since then. I hear that he gave a great ground and pound performance in AFC Brazil, showing no signs of weakness and very good gas.

Well, I can definitely foresee a Chonan victory by TKO. However, I do think it will be a very exciting fight.