Chonan's Takedown

For those that don't know, the Judo takedown that Chonan did on Silva is known as a Kani-Basami. While it looks good and is very effective, it is extremely dangerous and has resulted in numerous broken bones. It was banned in international judo competition a few years ago but it is still taught.

Here's the technique:

One of the 67 official judo throws, but in my opinion, it should not be allowed in MMA. The last thing we need is bad publicity for MMA when someone gets their leg broken in dozens of places (if you don't believe that this happens with this technique, there was a long thread about it a number of months ago on the Judo forum).

I learned it in judo.

We were just told it is illegal.

I thought it was great. Chonan made it look so easy. I thought it made it look like he could've ended that fight anytime he wanted after seeing that.

it was a thing of beauty that was highpoint of the show at my house. And we had Green Namers there :-)

the last thing Pride needs is a string of knee and ankle injuries from kani basami.

Personally, I think the soccer kick has far worse potential for Pride than this move. Just my opinion, though.


This throw was only made illegal in the last few years. It is still taught in some Judo clubs, but as a "sacrifice" throw it is almost never used in sport Judo.

  • It sure may still be taught but I thought it was made illegal in the early 80's after Endo snapped Yamashita's ankle with it.

That move was sweet. There's no reason it should be illegal in MMA. It's a legit technique. The heel hook by itself has a lot of potential to cause serious injury but it's part of the game.

Cung Le's scissor takedown seems like it... but I've never seen Le land in any type of decent position. Granted, the rules on San Shou mean he doesn't have to land in any type of workable position..