choreographed fight under investigation?

Someone just asked me. They said the OK commission was looking into some shenanigans.

I guess they thought I was a hard hitting journalist lol...

Was that the Thunderkick fight in on Showtime?

Magnum TA - Was that the Thunderkick fight in on Showtime?

Why do your posts show up on my phone when I have you ignored? Phone Post

The one where DAC paid a guy to stand with him? Phone Post

Turd, take it somewhere else... Let the adults talk here please.

The Marvelous One -
Magnum TA - Was that the Thunderkick fight in on Showtime?

Why do your posts show up on my phone when I have you ignored? Phone Post

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Battle royal!!!

Good thing OSAC can find the resources to "investigate" this shit, but do nothing to get to the bottom of what happened a GUTS. Typical, shit. Phone Post

 The 2 fighters were approved to fight by the OSAC. END OF STORY! I am not sure why the OSAC has to waste time and money to investigate a fight that was approved by the OSAC? A last minute, literally last minute, replacement and the OSAC wants to act like the outcome was a surprise? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT SHIT!


 The entire instegation is a bunch of bullshit. Investigate the shit that the OSAC Admin, Joe Miller, told the ABC that he had no knowledge of, the GUTS Church event, and give that mans family some closure. At least act like you give a damn about fighters.

Joe, I cannot believe that you blatantly lied to the ABC in regards to your knowledge of the GUTS Church event. You should be ashamed of yourself.


What fight was fixed Jason? Phone Post

So it is true, they are looking into a fight were both fighters lived and ignoring the death of Clinkscale.

priorities? and by the way, how do you prove one of the fighters didn't just whip the other ones ass.

Fight fixing is a crime. They should look into it if that's what happened with Longacre and Colonac (sp). Other fighters have accused DAC of doing the same thing on UG. Cedric Marks said DAC tried to pay him to lose to one of his guys as well. Phone Post

 The fight that is being investigated is the Avera v Brown fight at HardRock. Ty was called the day of weigh-in, Miller approved it, and Avera won.

Promoters do not "fix" fights, per say anymore? At least they do not ask a particular fighter to lose on purpose. It is simple, just find a guy that you know that your fighter can beat.

Avera v Brown was not a "fixed" fight. It was an mma fight where the more experienced mma fighter fought a last minute replacement and the replacement lost. What is there to investigate? Had Brown won, would we be having this thread or would an investigation be underway? I think not.

I personally feel that it is disrespectful for the OSAC to even suggest that anyone involved with the promotion has fixed a fight on last minute notice. It is possible, but considering that one fighter had been training and was prepared for the fight that occurred, on the date that he had been preparing for, would do that.

Todd, in this business, and I have been involved in every aspect of this business, these types of situations arise and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Hell, I have been at shows with fighters and a fight fell through. Guess whom they asked to stand-in? Me. I knew that I was not going to win, but that did not keep me from trying.

I saw the Avera v Brown fight. Nothing looked "out of the ordinary" to me. Experience and preparation pre-vailed. If it is coming down to this, why was the fight approved in the first place? I believe that the people pointing fingers should look at themselves.


I don't know anything about that fight but everyone has been suspicious of Longacre's fight on showtime since it happened. Paying a fighter to fight a certain way out of his norm is fight fixing. Phone Post

Man how long ago was that 2yrs. I am sure Colonac made his own decision how to fight. If i remember he tried several times to get Thunderkick on the ground but to no avail. I call what happended that night some call it ring control. As far as DAC paying him to stand i doubt that. Besides i would rather see a stand-up fight any day. Just my 2 cents on the comment.

^^^Your memory fails you. Travis never attempted a single TD the entire fight. Not one. Phone Post

pillbottle - ^^^Your memory fails you. Travis never attempted a single TD the entire fight. Not one. Phone Post

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