Chris Davis and John Salter fight this weekend

Chris fights Chris Bell in a rematch for a belt in Baton Rouge, (along with some other Headhunter fighters), Salter fights Jeremiah Riggs (that's right ladies Big Rig) in Springfield, Illinois. Good Luck to both guys.

 YES!  Good luck to both! 

Having a national champion wrestler and undefeated pro mma fighter on your Board of Directors is a good thing.

 Jason's opponent "no showed", so they are trying to find a fill in for him...  That's a sucky spot to be in.

Davis won by armbar. I won by Toe Hold in the first. I know I know, toe holds are gay, but it made riggs tap.

 Davis won by ARMBAR???  Are you kidding me?  Mr. "I can't stand all that rolling around stuff"!!  Wow.  Congrats.  Congrats to you, too, Gheyness!  Hey, quick paydays are the best, right?

Toe hold? I love it! Was it from the scissor or the 69 position? lol. Congrats to both of you, that's awesome.

I'm guessing he did it off a knee bar attempt.

good job, boardbreaker! Keep 'em guessing!!

CHRIS Davis won by armbar. Jason Davis's opponent no-showed and he had to fight a 170lber and lost.

and yes, toe holds are almost as gay as wrist locks.

 Yeah, I messed that up.

congrats guys


Other Headhunter fighter results: Jason Davis looked very good until slipping on a headkick, got caught in an ankle lock. Jon 'The Punisher' Suire threw down (as always) but got caught late in the 1st. Brad Barber won his first fight by kimura. Dustin Mosely won by TKO. Paul Andres completely dominated the standup and won by standing rear naked choke(yes standing). And as already stated,Chris Davis and John Salter won again. Another great night for Headhunter Combatives, Great job guys.

Forgot to mention that Jon Suire accepted his fight on Friday, 1 day notice. We left Saturday morning, drove 5-6 hours, weighed in and fought that night. Forget the outcome of the fight the dude is a warrior and truely loves to fight.

Toe holds are f--in' NINJA.