Chris Liguori... Roc title fight!!!!


We still have one more spot open for a non clothing sponsor for Chris Liguori's title fight on Nov 21st!!! Were only 2 weeks away!!! please send me an email if your interested!!!

Oh, really? I may be interested...can you discuss costs here for all interested parties?

Costs will vary on what type of sponsorship. For example for me to put a logo on his shorts, shirts and banner is one cost. for him and his corners to wear say your shirt for example is another. But as far as the dollar amount, we are very very fare. If you'd like to discuss and exact amount shoot me an email. thanks

how much for tattooing or hot-iron branding?

 ^^ im open!!


 What Do You Think of My T-Shirt Design?

I have a few bleachers and $75 mezz

How much for a shout out?


Looks like NJStileNJ is pulling a Kostakio and waiting til the last minute...actually 11 days out isn't nearly as bad as pulling a Kostakio...ya  know, starting a thread about buying tickets, getting mad about not being able to buy them, then selling the tickets, and then showing up with the Garv?! Haha


That was the worst. This time, my friends bought the tickets and we even have a room. It's so much better when you're organized. sigh But I wouldn't trade in hangin' out with The Garv for the world!