Chris Poznik

If you know Chris or train with him, convince him to do a Streetwise BJJ DVD set. If you know him you know why he would be perfect for this. Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny has mentioned it to him and one other student who emailed me. I am trying to do a grass roots process to bug him enough to use his considerable teaching skills and with life/martial experience to share.



Where is he teaching?

I remember him from back in the day training at Machado's..we used to say he had "plumber" strength...once he grabbed on to your gi it was nearly impossible to break the grip! He is a great guy.

The tree that walks.


He teaches at Rigan's and the Inosanto Academy. Former Bounty Hunter, and other fun jobs. He took a Dog Brothers fight on 9 days notice (no stick experience). He was Guru Dan Inosanto's sparring partner as Dan worked twards his Black Belt.