Christian M'Pumbu?

Last time he fought was in October of last year, dropping a UD to Travis Wiuff. Since then, I've not heard nor seen any mention of him.

He's Bellator's LHW champ, but is MIA. Anybody know where he's at?

He waiting for the winner of the light heavyweight tournament. Phone Post

Oh wow, I completely forgot about the tournament. Thanks for the quick response.

Just looked up the bracket. Travis beat him, and is now in the tourney.

Kinda sucks that he has to go through three fights just to face the man he beat convincingly already, but that's MMA for ya.

Yeah guess they didn't wanna schedule another super fight afraid he might lose again.

To be honest, Bellator matchmakers fucked up big time. Wiuff is an absolute monster light heavy, he cuts so much, and he's a wrestler. It was like watching a MW get laid on by a HW. Phone Post

It really was. Travis is just a big 205'er.

By the end of the second, I thought Travis had a legitimate chance of finishing M'Pumbu.

I've been watching vids since I made this thread and to be honest, I don't see him retaining his belt against any of the fighters they have right now for this tourney.

It's too bad because I think he'd do really well in Bellator's Middleweight division. At least at mw there are some great style match ups for him. Phone Post

ttt for Wiuff

TOAO - Wuiff layed and prayed that fight, christian did more damage. He doesnt like to cut weight which puts him at an disadvantage against wrestlers. Wish he would fight more Phone Post
On all accounts, agreed.

Needs to cut weight because there are 205ers like Wiuff. Phone Post