chuck/babalu predictions?

I am a fan of both fighters so this is a good match for me. However, it seems to me that if Randy couldn't keep Chuck on the ground I don't see Babalu being able to. I am rooting for a good fight but I see Chuck taking it with a knockout in Rd 2.

nothing? Not even a titter?

I'm thinking you would be correct in saying that, but I wouldn't count Babalu out all together. I think it's gonna be a great fight and I say it will end in the 2nd round as well, either CHuck by KO or Babalu by sub (yeah I know...way to go out on a limb there) :)

Babalu round 2 sub

I'm thinking it's going to look exactly the same as Liddell vs. Horn... except that I don't think Babalu can take the kind of shots that Jeremy took and keep fighting.

Haven't seen it in awhile, but I really don't have anything to bad say about the first fight. And it was 4 years ago. Chuck is on top of his game in the UFC. Sobral has took it a new level since switiching to Gracie Barra and his great performance in the IFC tournament. I still see Sobral stalking Chuck around the octagon, not being able to throw with Chuck, looking for an opening to get Chuck off his feet, while Chuck waits for another opening to crack one on him again. I'm still not seeing Sobral being able to get Chuck on the ground. Chuck could ko him in the first round. But this might turn out to be a real good fight.