Chuck is not that washed up

Obviously, he's probably slowed down slightly, but not to that great extent.

Why are people so quick to forget the following:

Chuck's last 4 fights:

1. Rashad (displayed competent striking)

2. Wanderlei (displayed competent striking but a little rusty)

3. Keith Jardine (out struck Chuck)

4. Rampage (Yeah, definitely competent striking)

Chuck's last 4 fights before that:

1. Tito part II (Never been a decent striker and always afraid of Chuck)

2. Babalu part II (Primarily a grappler and worst gameplay ever in the rematch)

3. Randy Couture part III (Already coming off a knockout to Couture, who is definitely an okay striker, but mostly a greco guy who doesn't pose much of a threat of knocking people out at the time)

4. Jeremy Horn II (This was a rematch with a grappler who happened to beat him, but it took 4 rounds to finish the tough Jeremy Horn. Conversely, Jeremy Horn lost 4 of his next 8 fights in which he was FINISHED within in the 1st or 2nd during each of those losses)

I'm not saying that Chuck isn't slightly dropping off in the skills, but shouldn't it be abundantly clear to anybody who isn't a complete Chuck drone that he's simply fighting guys with good striking or good game plans now? It's obvious that his 4 last fights are against vastly superior 205ers than his 4 before when it comes to striking ability.

Oh yeah, and every fucking one of his successful title defenses were rematches. 3 of them he had wins over.

Starts Slow Clap

He's not washed up at all, he's got to be less cocky and keep his hands up.


What's the pattern with his 4 fights before the ones you've mentioned? All of them were grapplers who weren't great at striking in and out at the time (though I'm a fan of Babalu).

What strikers Chuck HAS beaten in his MMA career tended to lack power, or gassed. It always seemed circumstantial for his wins for some reason.

Chuck's style was tuned for these type of fights. But, when he had to face competent strikers with real power and or didn't gas, he couldn't keep up.

I don't think he's washed up. I think he needs to evolve, get a REAL boxing coach and get some rhythm, for Christ's sake.

jardines a competent striker?

I still doubt Chuck loses to him 3 years ago, just my opinion.

 "2. Wanderlei (displayed competent striking but a little rusty)"

I disagree about being rusty. I think this is the best that Chuck has ever looked. Chuck & Wand's careers paralleled each other so hard...beginning from the same IVC they fought on, to being champs in the two main orgs. It sucks we didn't get to see them both go at it when they were on a hot streak, but I bet that matchup meant tons to each. It was more than a title fight, it was a legacy fight.

Now I just wonder if that was Chucks great last stand....much like Cro Cop and the OWGP. There is no one who would've stopped Mirko that night, and probably no one that would've stopped Chuck on that night vs Wand. But I wonder if that was the peak for each.

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JimmersonzTruth is correct.

goeb - jardines a competent striker?

I still doubt Chuck loses to him 3 years ago, just my opinion.

Agreed. Chuck at the top of his game, would have pounded and amateur Jardine. ;)

 he did beat overeem, but yes his standup has holes and overeem was finding em...