Chuck is Tyson in Punchout...

that first minute and a half of round one, where he blinks, you panic, and boom. Someone needs to take him past that magical mark. Not the actual minute thirty, but to where maybe the nerves are gone a little bit.

Watching Chuck's fights aren't like watching other fights. It's like watching a blindfolded guy run around a room with mousetraps set up in it. As much as we all love KO's, for some reason with Chuck, it takes the fun out of it. Seems that people start the fight off with Chuck like they are already two rounds behind in the fight. Like a look of panic. That just falls right into Chuck's plan.

I really think it is going to take a very patient fighter with good strikes like Vera, or a Tito at the very top of his game. The first round of the Forrest fight, Tito.

The mental edge that Chuck has right now is incredible. Hughes is almost at the same level, but right now, Chuck is it. Quinton or Silva would make for the best fights. Quinton would be able to wipe out the Chuck mental edge due to his previous win, and Silva just doesn't register that type of emotion.

I'm just very frustrated now as a fight fan. Sitting down to watch the fight tonight, knowing that even a great fighter like Babs was going to get caught, and knowing that it will be another 5 months or so before I see Chuck tested again.


Chuck is that good, get over it.

lol @ ECW