Chuck Liddell Explains Why Jake Paul is a Favorite Over Tyron Woodley

In this clip from my new interview with the UFC legend, Chuck Liddell explains why Jake Paul being a favorite over Tyron Woodley for their August fight makes sense.

You can find more clips and the full interview (premiere’s at 5 pm ET) on my Jason Burgos Back Talk Youtube page here:



Fuck crypto, bet HEAVY on woodley.

I foresee a huge over hand right putting Paul on Queer Street. He is on his 15th min of his 15 minutes.


Yea. You know wayyyyy more then Chuck. Got it

Chuck doesn’t even know what chuck knows.

And if you’re such a Paul fan , talks cheap, I’m down for a friendly OG wager.


I’l take Woodley to win, where y’all at???

I’m 100% confident Jake Paul clowns Woodley

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Right before he gets KTFO???

Im not a Paul fan. Just a fan of reality

Because Jake knocked out Askren? Woodley will be different.

Lots of people swore up and down Ben would win
I laughed then too

I like Tyron, he might win. But its not a given

Depends on the rules might be no judges again and no one wins

The best I’ve seen or heard out of chuck in years. Glad to see it.

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Not happening

He looked coked up to me.

Youre not even a good troll

Y’all should know by now no fight of the Paul bros will ever be legitimately contested. Discussing the possible outcome of these carnival acts with any sincerity is like trying to analyze pro wrestling.


I’m dead serious.

Jake would flatten chuck worse than Tito did

Do you think you’d beat Jake Paul in a boxing ring?