Chuck Liddell getting the itch

Is it possible that Chuck Liddell is getting the itch to fight again?

The shit talking about Bones is one thing, but the comments that he would still give him trouble are rather interesting.

Does Chuck see a hole in bones game he thinks he could truly exploit or is it a retired guy just saying he could whip the young guy because he knows they will never fight

Would honestly love to see a fully rested and recovered Liddell have one last fight, not against Jones but maybe another agains fighter that would give Liddell that one last win to ride off on Phone Post 3.0

Didn't you watch Ken and Royce?

Dana wouldn't let Chuck fight again. No doubt in my mind about that. I am certain almost all retired fighters still have that desire to compete . It's not just ordinary people who decide to get into a cage and fight in front of thousands of people. That's one of the harder things about MMA to me, watching these legends who just don't or won't give up, at least without a fight. In the NBA when you're an old player you may get some injuries or your stats are affected, but you don't get brutally knocked out. Unfortunately MMA fans (myself included) are pretty harsh at times. I heard someone describe MMA as a "what have you done for me lately sport " from the perspective of the fans and it's absolutely true. That's what sucks about older fighters not quitting at the right moment because there's a lot of fans who remember them by those last few losses and not their most significant wins.

Sorry about that rant .

As much as I miss Chuck, I think it's best he not take any more head trauma. With that said, I'd pay for that fight. It could be one of the biggest selling fights in UFC history Phone Post 3.0

as much as i love chuck

hes from a different era

he has already taken A LOT of damage

to see him come back would pain me more than excite me

he has nothing to prove Phone Post 3.0

all chuck needs to do is tell the ufc he's going bellator

Chuck vs Machida at 205 Phone Post 3.0

Phone bellator. At this point they will let anyone fight. Phone Post 3.0

I've always wondered why the UFC has kept fighters like Chuck and Chael on their roster on their web site.

GSP is still on there as well - and so is Sean Sherk.

I thought Chuck looked great in the Franklin fight but then we saw that his chin is GONE. All the training or commitment in the world will never get that back. Phone Post 3.0

To be fair, wasn't Felice Herrig just sitting on his lap? Phone Post 3.0

no matter how old you get, your eye poking ability is one of the last things you lose.

So in theory, Chuck could still win a lot of fights in the UFC.

Communist Basterd - Lol chuck never lost the itch. He's a warrior. Phone Post 3.0
This. He likely never will, either Phone Post 3.0

He should take up tennis and enjoy his awesome life. Phone Post 3.0

TenOfSwords -

I've always wondered why the UFC has kept fighters like Chuck and Chael on their roster on their web site.

GSP is still on there as well - and so is Sean Sherk.

So Bellator or someone doesn't sign them to fight shamrock Phone Post 3.0

Chuck vs Jones at UFC 200 would break records with a stacked undercard.

It would have the Balboa effect as so many fans rooting on the old guy and many old UFC fans who may have gone away would totally come back to see Chuck.

Obviously it shouldn't happen.

But it would be massive. Phone Post 3.0