Chuck Lidell Seminar @Hawaii

May 15.04 @ Campbell High School Gym 12noon

Chuck Lidell will be putting on a seminar for the Hawaii people. It will last 2-3 hours.

For more information or reserve seats @

He will also be at Punishment In Paradise 3 (16 fights) @ 7pm same place as seminar

Hey Brennan! we took Chuck surfing today should've came with us.

Where are the weigh ins?

why you not coming like always...You never come to my events seminar etc..

Flamingos 530pm (Pearl City) above the old marcelo tiger trainning facility.

I'll go to the weigh ins if you promise not to be mean to me lol


I wish I was in Hawaii.... I would be there, Iceman gives an awesome seminar.

You should've just stayed and not went back home a couple more days here wouldn't have hurt!

Which island and at what times?

Would have loved to see Chuck surf! lol

Should have known the "Head Groupie" would have taken him surfing. LOL

Was chuck ripping it up, I bet Sexz was!!!!!lol

Lol isn't that weird Beau! I was also telling him about the bet and he said he already knew about it geez feeling kind of odd now.....he had some crazy ass stories to tell.

He doesn't like the "nacho" name very much BTW you should change it to "loco moco" or "chili bowl" lmao!

LOL JD he only got on the board once but that was what he wanted to accomplish and did. I should just change my screen name to "HEAD GROUPIE" Eric Shin was teaching him how to surf pretty cool. :-)

Oahu, Hawaii @Campbell High School 12 noon

Thank you.

Hope to see you guys their in 4 hours..

Hey sexz, you want the pics ?

Chuck or Antonio has the water camera tho. All the action shots are in that one.

Why does all this awsome shit happen at far off places??? I mean come on it's not like i can walk or fly down to Hawaii Just for 2-3 hours of talking!!!

I got the pictures awesome now I want to see the ones in Chucks camera

*eats loco moco*

Sexz- With all this stuff you do, and allways on the UG when do you train? lol

Eric after a night of drinking, hangovers and a day at the beach that loco moco was GOOD!

JD I haven't trained in awhile unless you mean all that drinking the other night counts lol

"I haven't trained in awhile unless you mean all that drinking the other night counts."