Chuck Seminar Thank Yous

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Chuck for coming in and taking the time out of his training schedule to do this seminar. It really shows his love for the sport and its proliferation. We appreciate it.

A special thanks go out to Shawn Tompkins and Jerry Millen for their hard work to make this happen.

Thanks to Burlington Academy Martial Arts, Windsor Dojo, Kombat Arts, Ice House Combat, Kihon Windsor, Team Tompkins and all others involved.

It was a great seminar and if you missed it, look for something in October. We'll do this again soon. See you all in September when I return.

I was knee deep in water. The pipes in the basement burst.

I considering saying screw it and going to the seminar but when my dog started to use it as a swimming pool I decided to call a plumber.

Congrats to all that went and I hope you all had a great time!

Is someone gonna post what Chuck went over at the seminar or what?

my first seminar. I learned alot and appreciate top notch mma fighters taking their time to show us how they knock people out. That over hand right is pretty unconventional but if it works for Chuck...

What did you work on?

Sorry Dougie. Top secret. Only those that pay can play...



By the sounds of Dougie's basement, he did pay.

Did I ever. The water heater went again, the line also broke before the shut off at the water meter and the outside tap cracked all at the same damn time. Until the plumber arrived I was sitting up to my hips in water jury rigging a fix.

This is exactly why I have decided to learn how to swim.

**Dougie and the gang about to head over to the Chuck Liddell seminar. Unfortunately, the boat sank two minutes later when Dougie's cooler full of vintage "Canada Cooler" alcoholic drinks became too heavy for the vessel**

You laugh but I had the inflatable kiddie pool out and blown up to hold the tools floating as I worked.