Chucks Thumb is one.....

bad mofo! First Tito, now Tiger. That thumb is taking the LHW division by storm. There was no thumb in the eye, it was a KO. When Randy is preparing to fight Chuck again he better train to stop the thumb cause it seems like whenever Chuck uses the thumb he knocks people out. I guess people will never stop making excuses. He hit Tiger with what looks like the last three knuckels of his hand. Impossible for the thumb to go in his eye unless Chuck has a "secret" technique he has learned. So heres a TTT for Chuck and "his magic thumb!"


Maybe 303 thinks that a fist is a thumb.

Maybe 303 failed anatomy 101

He breaks pacts, is a terrible friend and thumbs eyes. TTT for Lidell.

Vernon got hit on the right side of his face by Chucks right hand. I don't know Chuck but I do know that his hand would have to be severely deformed for his thumb to go into Vernon's eye.

Think about it Jack. How in the world can his thumb go in his eye? Or just rewatch the fight and realise what a fucking retard you are.

ttt to expose a lie.

Thank you Art. Just trying to dispell the whole Chuck Eyegouged Vernon thing that is spreading. I'm also arguing with the chief on just about everyone of his stupid threads making excuses for Belfort.