Consider this a public announcement. I will be fighting again next year. Retirement is killing me. I haven't trained in quite awhile so it will take a little time to get back in fight shape. Chutefighter225 has stated he would like to fight me and I would like to give him the first opportunity but I would like to know at what weight class so that I can train appropriately. I can do heavyweight, 205, or 185. (yeah I said it, 185) If he would like to decline that's fine, but I wanted to make sure he had the chance before anyone else. The last 2 dates have not panned out for reasons unknown so I'd like an approximate date. If anyone knows him, please pass this post on to him. Thanks.

Oh Shit John 185 are you sure bro I'll sit in that

damn sauna w/ya Holy Hell I might come @ 185 also

great to hear though see you soon my brother...


Thanks Baggs, I love you too.

185 bwaaaahahahahah lOL!!!!!
Yeah and I'll make 155LOL

wait... look at the time on the post... John, you're drunk go home!It's just a dream. 185 tehehe.

Go eat some turkey bro!


Funniest f*#king post I read all year!


God Damn Ross Kick his dead dog too while your at it



Ross there is a bus full of retarded paraplegic blind nuns with fetal alcohol syndrome that you can make fun of down here by me while your at it. 

Seriously though John., you planning on cutting off a leg to make weight?

I can do it. I've always been a fatass. If he wants the fight I doubt he'll make that weight but if I fight someone else then I'm going to 185. When I was in shape I walked around at 200. Just have to work at the other 15 and then I'll be at 200 fight day.







Ahren Davis, whats up bro? Where you living these days, you nomadic bastard?

I'll probably be there. Look for me.

Let the record show that this coward is still being quiet after all the bullshit he spouted.

John it would be good to see you fight again same with Ahren.

TTT for us old guys, I have been training to fight again this year as well.

Thanks for the support.

Damn this thread has been up for awhile......