City of Vernon, BC looking to ban MMA

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While British Columbia has a Province wide Athletic Commission with monopoly powers to oversee and regulate MMA, BC's legal framework gives individual cities a choice allowing them to outright ban certain combat sports.

Specifically, section 59(f)(1) of BC's Community Charter allows the passage of City bylaws that "prohibit professional boxing, professional wrestling and other professional athletic contests". It appears the City of Vernon is prepared to exercise these powers to ban professional MMA.

Recently, Vernon accepted the fate that Bill 50 stripped their local commission of powers and adopted Bylaw 4954 which repealed their Athletic Commission. The City is now reportedly going further and looking to outright ban MMA. reports that " City council is moving forward with the creation of a bylaw that would ban Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events within municipal limits." Apparently the law has yet to be drafted however Infotel reports that "Council directed staff to prepare a draft bylaw for consideration.".

If properly drafted the City appears to be within their rights to ban MMA. Interestingly the language of BC's Community Charter seems to limit the City's power to only ban professional combat sports, amateur combat sports appear immune from the City's powers. I will follow up on this story as the legislative process unfolds.

With that population it would be a travesty!

Not a big City, true, however it paves the way for other Cities to follow the lead.  Vancouer has always had a passive aggressive relationship with MMA and if their City council followed suit that would be big news.  Its a legisltive development worth keeping an eye on as all of Canada is still ironing out the kinks after the passage of Bill S209.

Shit. At least they still have the water park.. is it still open?

That sucks. I saw my first card there a kotc my friend was fighting on. It was a solid atmosphere. Not many places holding cards in the Okanagan.

Is there anything we can do to help out and prevent MMA from being banned? Phone Post 3.0

vodka7 - Is there anything we can do to help out and prevent MMA from being banned? Phone Post 3.0

The City has jurisdition to pass this law.  Given this the only thing to do is to lobby those on City council and let then know why passing a ban is not in the City's interest.  Realisitically residents of Vernon will need to be vocal as local governments don't care much about outside influence.  If you live in Vernon get in touch with City council and let your views be known.

Fuck em. Kelowna is only 25 minutes away. And an hour to Kamloops. Phone Post 3.0

I hope this is the first of many. Mma is nothing more than a blood sport and should be illegal. Phone Post 3.0

This is close to home for me.. wow

Has the Cancerous Culinery Union tumored itself into this fair city?

Just checking...Ay!!!

Fortunately it looks like the local community is getting vocal Phone Post 3.0