CityboxingTourney Off the Chain

Matches went smooth.
Prizes were off the hook not to mention an additional $200 for the
absolute champion.
Food was good.
I want to thank everyone involved that competed or helped out @ the
Congrats to all competitors and winners.
Brandon Vera


Had a great time. You guys put on a great tourny. Thanks. It was definately worth the drive.

CityBoxing yesterday was an awesome tournament. I'll give a full write up later on OntheMat, highlights include the stacked advanced division (Uselss looked awesome tapping out two opponents and Ryan Gregg beats two black belts -one by submission- to win his division. Plus Advanced competiitors won a prize package worth several hundred dollars from Osiris including shoes and this kick ass backpack with built in speakers and amplifier. THe whole thing was roundrobin style and everyone saw plenty of action.

But the definite highlight for me was as Brandon Vera was reff'ing an advanced division on the main mat, tempers between two of the competitors flared and and they began to get physical with each other in an unsportsman like way. Brandon VERY QUICKLY nipped it in the bud, seperating the two contestants and when they failed to de-escalate we DQ'd both and threw them off of the mat. As they angrily tried to plead the case he basically would have none of it, and told them he didn't care who started it, if they threw blows they were both in the wrong and he cared too much for the sport to let them tarnish the image of it. I think both competitors were so stunned by Brandon's quick and decisive action that they both quickly apologized to the tournament and to each other, and the tournament continued without incident.

Glad to see someone who took charge and wanted to protect the image of the sport we all love. Brandon was later cracking about being only a purple belt ref, but I think everyone can learn a lesson from him.

Very fun tournament!

GUMBY is DA MAN.... Thanks bro......

Yeah that was a blast. Gumby thanks for the swag man! Hey did anyone find my camera! :)

Ryan kicked some serious A$$! Its funny he rolls just like he teaches. Best fight of the night was Ryan and Joao! Of course Useless had two great fights too but if he dont stop changing my posts he is going to seriously regret it later! LOL

Congrates to Dean and Brandon and everyone who worked and froze their butts off and to everyone who showed up to support that tournament!

Thanks for letting us come out to play you guys

Good to see everyone and a great tournament. Good job City Boxing.


were there any women competing?

we looked for a camera today and no luck. we did however find a
camera bag with a whole bunch of accessories in it...
Thanks again to everyone...
Scott you guys are always welcome

Right on thanks!

"Brandon VERY QUICKLY nipped it in the bud"

he is a maniac..

Hey "cityboxing" I am guessing it's Brandon.. send me the pic's Bob brought in yesterday so I can post em..


send me the pics before I flip out like the Ninja I am

*flips out like ninja*

*enters room with no windows and no doors*

*leaves no one alive*


planning on another tournament anytime soon?

No doubt.. in a bigger place