CJA Membership question

myself and a few guys from our gym all bought cja memberships for the year at the westend rumble comp.

do we get a card in the mail or is everyone at the other tournaments just going to take out word that we paid?

i just don't wanna have to pay again when i go to the next tourny :S

thanks in advance.

While on the topic of a CJA membership,

What does a membership entitle you to, and why do you require one?


Insurance and you need one to compete in CJA santioned grappling competitions in Ontario.

I have purchased my CJA membership a few times now and I have never recieved anything in the mail, membership card ect. I even had to get it once at a tournament, most of the comps I've been to don't really check they just ask if you are a member.

k sweet.

things are going to change - all of the combative sports had a meeting with the athletics commission and the cja is being pressured to run a tight ship. For example, not membership cards but membership books for competitors with recording every match in your book - how you won, how you lost, were you put unconscious during a submission, etc. I'm not sure how it's all going to work yet but things are definitely going to change. We are all going to have to be patient and cooperative so that we can have grappling here in Ontario for now. If you want more info about cja memberships, email me and I can give you the lowdown.


Years ago when everyone was complaining there was no tourney's because of all the CJA stuff. I was one of the very first to purchase a CJA membership. This way our club had enough members in the CJA for them to allow our tourney (Joslins). I didnt get asked for it once, it was never stamped, I carried that stupid passbook in my bag just in hopes that someone would ask me for it.Complete waste of money that was. I could have gotten 15 large teas, dbl/dbl, with milk, and the bag ins, at that time for the price of my membership.Blah, Blah, Blah CJA my ass.Its been years and they still havent got their stuff together.Hey, Hey, Hoe, Hoe the CJA has got to GO !!!!!!!Most of them are old guys who have never really grappled all that much, except for those who are actual grapplers.


CJA is a big scam imo. And what do I need their insurance for I have OHIP.

This thread rules!

Your CJA membership is used to help "Insure (actually ensure)" their existence as a fake governing body of martial arts. As long as they have card carrying, membership paying folks they can call themselves a governing/sanctioning body when in fact they are useless. They use their position within the CJA as a way of getting respect, resume building, and advancement for their own belts and needs.

CJA needs to remodel itself quickly, so that it become an actual sanctioning body with policies, procedures, rules, regulations, etc....

Does someone take mintues at their meetings?

Does someone check and stamp all CJA memberships?

Has any of them spent any amount of time really training in groundwork? (excluding BJJ reps)

Do they allow the membership to vote on who sits on the CJA?

If I get my arm broke in a tourney does their insurance cover my time of work?

Does their insurance include dental work not covered by my benefits package?

In fact their insurance doesnt help out the common person its insures the CJA and the promoter from ant form of legal action.

So in fact we are paying to protect them and not ourselves. Isn't the high cost of entering a tourney enough money to have coverage or does the CJA need to gouge us again?

^^^Great post, I agree 100%. The CJA is just a bunch of old traditional JJ guys who couldn't give two shits about BJJ or grappling.

so my membership is a joke and i should have just lied and said i was already a member? :S


 What does your insurance get you?

The insurance protects the CJA/Governing body from any liability if an injury should occur during an event they have sanctioned. So our money pays to protect them not us.

Doesn't fix your teeth, or pay wages from a broken arm, or ambulance cost if you need one. It covers their ass and the promoters ass from liability.

Biggest scam in the world. CASH GRAB !!!!!!

The grappling reps have a hard time on this body as they want change, see the need to change, and get bashed by me and others because of the other members on the CJA not the grappling reps in particular.

Our money pays to protect their old asses.

Rumour has it that the CJA will soon become the OJA.

why can't the grappling reps just create their own sanctioning body? i guess easier said then done.

Why does a tournament/event promoter need the CJA?

If an organization is needed, is it possible to ditch the CJA and have another organization created?

But the CJA through their long years of service and hard work have done well for the Grappling scene in Ontario.

Why would someone want to get rid of them?