Class Video at IMB-Columbus


My name is Dustin Ware, and I am one of the Head Instructors (BJJ & MMA) here at IMB-Columbus. Our gym is affiliated with Sityodtong, USA & Team Jorge Gurgel.

The other day I was looking around on Youtube, and noticed a few schools that post weekly videos of what is going on at their gym, as well as training, and some sparring. I thought this would be a great (low cost) way to attract potential students…but also could be a motivator to those members that have not be to the gym for a while.  I will be posting these videos on Youtube, as well as sending them to the students (current & potential) email accounts.  My goal is to have 2 to 3 videos up each month.

The first video includes both BJJ & MMA Classes from January 8th & 10th. I will be adding video of the Muay Thai Class as well as some sparring (all classes) in the next few weeks.

You can find the video here:

I hope you like the video!  Please leave any & all feedback. I did this all in one night, and it was my first time doing anything like this...

Thanks for your time & (constructive) input!

Dustin Ware
Head Instructor


Very nice Dustin!!! Keep up the good work!

your white belts were looking pretty good there.

Thanks guys...That means alot come from my peers!

I will post another video next week. I hope to have some of our Muay Thai, along with some more BJJ.

Who knows, I might even get on film :-)



nice transition at the start of the vid (omoplata to armbar). again, the white belts look pretty tough too.


The first two guys were only going about 70%....

I hope to have some more footage up next Wed.


any more feedback about the video or the just what you would lik to see in the next video?


New Video of the Muay Thai Class will be posted soon!

nice job...i was mentioning this to my instructor the other day. Great idea.


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