Classic Australian boxing in-ring brawl (VID)

Ref vs CM Punk, make it happen Dana!

NewOldTRT09er - I love how the MMA / Streetfighter gets in the ring and gets tooled by the 50 year old ref who probably hasn't trained in a decade. Phone Post 3.0
The video is from 1983 you twit. Highly doubt that guy was a mma fighter Phone Post 3.0

Ref ain't no joke. Phone Post 3.0

TTThug ref motherfuckers Phone Post 3.0

Throwin'Knuckles - Haha that ref let out the dogs.
Dude genuinely stopped two of them in their tracks which prob stopped it getting worse Phone Post 3.0

MMAtador - Was that Ryu from street fighter? Does he do a flying kick from more than half the ring with 100 percent accuracy? With only the the ropes stopping him? As much as that guy is a total asshole it's pretty amazing the leap he took. Phone Post 3.0

And his balance, he landed back on his feet like a cat. The ref wasn't impressed though, that motherfucker was throwing bombs lol. Without an intervention flying ninja was about to be put down. Phone Post