Classless Mayhem

How are you going to curse at a guy whose head you just split open with an illegal kick?

better watch out, the monkeys are about to let loose on you

you should have just danced around this subject like your hero and fighting

can somebody recap events?

looked like jacare wanted to fight back in the alley and settle things,lol.

i think it might be good for mayhem, I felt Jacare was still gonna win that fight, he can take Mayhem down with ease, and he wasn't afraid of getting hit really.

Honestly, the man has the demeanor of a 5 year old. Can you really say that immature behavior from him surprises you imanari fan?

SwishaSlim - you should have just danced around this subject like your hero and fighting

Apparently whatever my hero does is good enough to cripple the current WEC featherweight champion.

Burt Reynolds - I don't think he cursed at Jacare. I could be wrong but I think he just yelled "fuck" in frustration and Jacare thought it was directed at him. I could be wrong

I thought he called him a "motherfucker."

I'll have to see the replay but seems Mayhem had some pent up anger before that fight

he's a jackass

 PBP someone

what happened

Round 1: Miller comes out jabbing immediately, then slips in a right. Miller lands a left, but Jacare shoots and takes Miller down. Miller gets to his feet and escapes. Jacare pushes Miller into a corner. Miller moves out and throws a knee to Jacare's body. Jacare returns it and they separate. Jacare lands a right. Miller catches Jacare's kick, tosses him down and kicks Jacare in the head. The ref stops the action because there are no soccer kicks -- interesting, we've seen tons of knees to the head on the ground tonight, but no kicks -- and Jacare gets up with a giant gash on his head. The doctors check on it. Miller is given a yellow card. The doctors still tending to Jacare's cut. He's drenched a towel with blood, but he's allowed to continue. Jacare takes Miller down hard. His cut is staining Miller's chest red. Miller gets up. The ref stops the fight again because of all the blood, and Miller is pissed. He directs the f-word at either the ref or Jacare, and the Brazilian almost goes after Miller during the break. The ref calls an extended time out. It's bad news. The ref calls it a no contest due to accidental illegal kick, and Jacare needs to be momentarily restrained. Miller is very upset, and seems to be battling back tears. A very anti-climactic ending to a very weird night.

 VID !!!!!!!

I can't see why Mayhem acts like such an asshole toward Jacare. He talked a lot of shit before and after the first fight, and even more leading up to this fight. Jacare has been really reserved and hasn't talked much at all, even when provoked. Seems like a strange guy to have such angry toward. I'd like to hear if there is some back story to this.

I don't know if what Miller does is all an act or he has ADD or what but it's really disrespectful towards a person like Jacare who is all respect.

Yeah, when two guys are in the middle of a fight where they are trying to hurt each other, it's totally correct to get completely bent out of shape and upset at one of them over using a dirty word.

How dare he get upset! He's supposed to be a fucking robot.

Seriously...some of you are absolutely ridiculous, and I would say the exact same thing if Jacare swore at Mayhem. Fuck, I'd be upset too in that situation.

Why hasn't Sherdog posted results for this event?

QueenEstherDidMeDirty - Why hasn't Sherdog posted results for this event?

Cause Sherdog is awful.

Okay...that's probably not the reason, but Sherdog IS awful.

"The ref calls it a no contest due to accidental illegal kick"

How the hell can a soccer kick be ruled "accidental"??