Clay Guida vs. Leonardo Santos

Up next… I got Santos

Will Clay go 16-16 in the UFC tonight?

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Most hyperactive fighter in UFC. Win or lose, he’s always amped and jumping all over the place. That counts for something, I think.

Guys that make it look easy – in any sport – make it look easy because they are exceptionally talented.

Guida doesn’t make it look easy when he’s fighting.

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Love me some “sweet seats” Guida.Those who remember…remember.

Santos via decision.

Guida is unwatchable.

I’ll never forget that flurry Diego Sanchez put on Guida. He beat the fuck out of him


If santos wins it’ll be by strikes. He has heavy hands
If not then guida by decision

I’d rather watch a wmma fight than this, and that feels wrong to say.

Guida gonna steal this

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Santos arms are gone.

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RD 1: 10-8, Santos.

Clay turned 10-8 into a 10-9.


Did Peterson bet on Guida? Haha. Crazy

Turn it off then cool guy

No, he didn’t. Guida did zero damage or anything significant other than somehow surviving.

Guida gonna win this cause he let the guy punch him in the head 100 times.

lol. Guida coming back from a beating with pure caveman power.