cleaning out dvd collection for cheap

getting stuff in order and cleaning out these dvd's from my collection i put them on ebay wade shalles tito mario sperry darrel gholar

good for someone new to the sport or a father trying to teach a youngster some moves ie wrestling etc..

mario sperry submission master set 1 and 2 link

wade shalles, tito , darrel gholar matt thorton gound game

and title boxing along with boxing for mma

If i could get a blue to do me the honors for the links i'd appreciate it thanks

it also includes the "new" hughes choke or farmaconda by the original mark shultz dvd that has cael sanderson as his wrestling partner

learn to do the farmaconda by an olympian i also threw in some vhs titles too

any blues out there can help me with links?

not one blue could help me out cmon .

just a couple hours left thought it could use one last peak thanks for looking conway

cigano and 1st round ko thank you i truly appreciate it

TTT for Farmaconda.

bump just for the posters name cracking me up