Clementi for president

Clementi has been woop'n ass latley...He has my vote

fa shizzle

hey did you get my email back Andrew?

come move in over here!!!!!!

Chappelle has my vote ;)

Hey man when are you fighting again?

I heard there are incriminating photos of him!!!

It's going to be a little while 4-6 months or so till I am even looking to fight. I am gaining weight and looking to come back bigger and stronger for my weight class. I see you have a green name. Do I know you?

naw. I am student of one of Brett Moses's former room mates (brown belt Mickey Swafford) I am just a hardcore fan of the sport who tries to get as much tapes on everyone as I can.

You fight with Junior was a huge display of skill.

When you almost armbared Junior I saw Jacare's jaw almost hit the floor lol.

Hey thanks for the compliment. It feels good when some one gives you recognition for all of your hard training(even though it is so much more fun than work). I am going to hit the gym right now. Take it easy and I will see you around.

TTT...good one Andrew