Clubbell Book Extras!

The post came at about 10:00 a.m. on Friday. I received my Clubbell book.

I literally read the whole book in one sitting!! This book is THAT good!

The photos and history in the beginning left me wanting more. The history, Knuckledragger material and training information could have stood on their own as a book unto itself.

Then the section at the heart of the book is Scott demonstrating the use of the Clubbells in such concise detail that you don't even need a video!

There is also a very good section on creating your own routines depending on your goals and isn't limited to MMA or Combat Sports. He goes into Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Football, etc.

Reading this book has made up my mind that it would be a no-brainer as a supplement to my conditioning. I am going to play with some home-made devices to give me a better gauge of the size Clubbell to begin with and I'll be getting my first set soon.


The chart that is on page 163 gives a breakdown of training goals and specific amounts of reps to follow. Could I get benefits of two categories by falling into a rep range that includes both or would this be an example of "Cocktailing"?

In other words, if I were to do a few sets of 5 and a few sets of 6-7 reps would I get benefits of Hypertrophy and Power? Or am I better off training one goal at a time. Just looking to streamline.


Nice review/endorsement, thanks!

Joe, you can cycle both rather than moving midline, though the distinction is grey rather than the B&W appearance the chart tends to portray.

Thanks for the kind words on the book.


I couldn't agree more. The book is an excellent resource. However, it helped me a great deal to review the videotape several times as well. The descriptions of the techniques in the book are good. Seeing the techniques actually demonstrated by Coach Sonnon was even more helpful. I would strongly suggest that you get a copy of the tape to help you plan your CB routine.


Thanks John, I just may do that. There's no substitute for seeing it or better yet being coached.


OK, cycling. I will re-read that section. You won't by any chance be going over any clubbell material in the seminar that is coming to Penn.?


Joe, do you mean the Circular Strength Training certification seminar on JUL28-29 in PA ( or the ROSS Instructor Development Camp in MAR21-23? Not in the latter - too much material to cover already without adding CBs.

TTT, the book is awesome Coach.

Its like two books in one. You provide an insightful perspective on longevity too. I've been discussing this on a different message board ( and its quite a switch from the classic approach to training for a triathalon or bike race...

Lance Armstrong, a true knuckledragger, weight trains in the off season (squats, etc..) I wonder how much a cyclist could benefit from 3d circular training vs. 2d weight lifting?? Food for thought.

Best Regards, TwistedNeck