C'mon !! What type of Main Event

is this ?

Give me a break - slow plodding ESPN undercard boxing caliber if that.

Both guys are giving UFC a bad name with this performance

LOL, welcome to the UFC


Randy and Mike G. are like both so full of shit trying to make this fight sound anything near interesting.

You guys don't like 25 minutes of jabs?


what did you expect. both of these guys suck and are way overrated. i've been saying it since day one

perfect example of why the UFC should steal from pride and start handing out cards.

Can you imagine either of these guys against Fedor?

When the two guys who are head and shoulders above the rest of their heavyweights put on the worst 5-round fight I've seen, it's really time to scrap the division. Swap it for featherweights or something.

Thanks for the mediocre, low-rent boxing match.

What is wrong with Arlovski? Hey, lets fight timidly and stay on the oustide sticking jabs and straight rights on a guy with a reach advantage.

Monson has to be masturbating to this decision. Everyone congratulate him on the lay-and-pray victory.

So Bad - I've never seen Pride put on as bad a fight in recent memory.

Severn v. Kimo in Pride 1, but thats about it.

Agreed Weasel.