Coach and manager of UFC stars Kattar and Font talks 'evil people' on the management side of MMA

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Sounds like a solid guy to do business with if he’s making good on his words. I like the part where he said “he just wants to protect them”. Like Mama Bird, regurgitating their protein shakes and supplements into their eager, up and coming mouths :blush:

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Way back in the day I remember people were talking about Sam Stout coming back to TKO/UCC to fight their top guys because they thought those fights would be exciting.

When Shawn Tompkins and I would talk about it, it was pointed out that guys only have so much of a career and that certain fights make sense to get a fighter ahead in that career.

But more than that, a manager has to know his fighter, what fights are good for him and what puts him in a better position each fight.

Just getting a guy fights doesn’t do anyone justice.

However, when you have guys like Ali Abdulscuzz managing fighters, you know a fighter who leaves him will get screwed.


Well said.

I’ve met Tyson in N.H. a couple times. Solid dude. Intelligent

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