Coaches, do you have trouble.....

I'm coaching a boxing class, and I've got a couple of females in the class. They are hardworking and game, and want to train hard too.

When I'm trying to teach them defensive drills, I like to rotate the students so they can get different looks. I think it helps them to develop their defensive skills better, because they cant get as "comfortable" and have to focus on what they're doing.

I also stress that they need to try to hit each other (not hammer, but make contact) so that the defender really has to move his (or her) head, and/or block the punches. If they get hit, then they know that they didn't do it right, and have to try again.

Here is my problem... Whenever I get a male paired up on a female, I cant get them to aim at her head, or put any effort into their body punches. They will aim at the ladies' gloves or punch way over their heads. They cannot learn to properly slip a jab, unless someone throws jabs at them.

I understand that we are taught not to hit women, but shit... this is a boxing class, they are there willingly, and they're not going to learn if their partners dont help them.

Any idea how I can convey that they are not helping these girls by coddling them? The ladies all say "go ahead and hit me" or "you can go harder" but it doesn't seem to work. (All of them are pretty much beginners btw)

Any of you coaches, or ladies who train, have any suggestions on how I can get them to work better with my females? Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah, even though this is a boxing class, I put this on this forum, because I figured that this problem isn't unique to boxing. Again, any help will be appreciated.

I bet this problem isn't so prevalent in grappling classes, men are socially conditioned for that kind of work...

Lol @ the serious lack of ideas coming forth here. Nobody can help a brother out?

TellĀ the girlsĀ to tell them something about their mama....... ask them if their all titty babies......... sheesh, good question.

I have that problem.Guys are taught to take it easy on women at a young age so it takes time for them to work otherwise.

I find if you can get the girls to hit them solid the guys will take it more serious.

give it time, maybe as the females to swing hard and connect on a males head then it will all change trust me, men can only take so much


I had this happen to me in my San Da class. Guys wouldn't aim properly during drills and wouldn't hit me during sparring. I found that guys wouldn't respond to me verbally telling them it was okay to hit me, but the stronger and more accurately I hit them, then they'd slowly to start to catch on that I was there to learn just like them. If I was more aggressive, it made them pay attention and not baby me.

One big guy in sparring always refused to hit me back, but after three weeks of my coach pairing us up and me nailing him hard and verbally taunting him, he started hitting back. I don't know that it was the best solution, but after that he took me more seriously and actually sparred with me and behaved respectfully toward me.