Cobourg on fire!

Alrighty, who was supposed to be watching JHR?

Well, in any case, JHR, if you and the kids need a vacation I have extra space at my condo for a few more weeks.

I drove by coming home from kingston on monday around 4:30 and saw some crazy smoke, what lit up?

Bro, you're a dime short and a day late !!!


Horizon Plastics Burnt.. BIG ASS fire but unbelievably, no one was hurt :)

Here's some pics

Oh snap! That's crazy. Heard about it on the news this morning and the first thing I thought was "Doesn't JHR live near there?"

How's the smell?

Thankfully no smell. My ass is all too powerful and the mere thought of it's power caused the earth to slightly shift, thus forcing the winds away from my house...

Cobourg has been on fire for years. One might even call it flaming.....

Holy shit, i passed that big ass industrial firetruck on the 401. It had a police escort i was like wtf is that thing.

That was the big foam truck from Trenton... That truck basically saved 5 factories from going up and kept the fire under control...