Cobrinha DVD's?

Have any of you seen Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles DVD's? Just wanted an opinion on them and if it is worth getting. I know they are in Portuguese and Japanese, but can you pretty much pick up moves by watching? Also, if they are worth getting, what is better, Vol 1 or Vol 2. I've seen some clips on YouTube, and it seems like one could follow it.



They are awesome. If you are into his game, he lays it out completely over the two sets. Check out the list of moves on and judge for yourself what fits your game better. You definitely won't be disappointed. over 50 moves on each DVD - navigation is tough because of the japanese, but that is the only thing that is bad about these DVDs.

Mchapman -

Thanks for your response. I think I will get one. Anyone else who has a word to say about Cobrinha's DVD's, I'd appreciate it, though I'll probably get one regardless.


I love his dvd's. they're great. I'm pretty big but a lot of the moves work well for me. I don't think it's just little guy jiu jitsu that he shows. He has some really cool sweeps that are complicated but also a bunch of small things that he does which have changed my game a lot.

I love the way he attacks the shoulder and pulls the elbow. I like his cross guard a lot, too.

The footage of him rolling and doing drills is great.

I think the first dvd is better than the second but they are both worth having.

Some of my favorite bjj vids that I own.

Thanks Vegard. I will buy vol 1 right now!

I loved them too.  I did like vol 1 more though.  A lot of cool stuff and great rolling footage. 

Its all in Portuguese with Japanes subtitles, but you can still follow it ok.

When he rolls with those guys, he totally toys with them. I almost felt bad for those guys.

His medicine ball drills were amazing. The dude is like a monkey.