Cobrinha should be in ADCC

Cobrinha just dominated in the Pan Ams, did very well in the brasilian trials and is a back to back copa do mundo and mundial winner

I say, put the little cobra in!

I'll second that!

I 3rd that!

Get him in there guys!
For a new black belt he's been on top of the tournament scene last year and this year.

That would be cool, in theory.

But does he practice/enjoy no-gi?

I really don't know that much about him; does anyone know what his ideas about no-gi are? Some people just aren't interested in doing it.


Cobrinha fought in Japan in a No-Gi superfight and won I believe

He also placed in the brasillian ADCC qualifiers loosing to a guy known for his stalling tactics

get Cobrinha in!!!

I have a private lesson set up with Cobrinha on sunday. I know he will be going up to NYC to train with Marcelo right before Abu Dhabi in case he gets the call.

Cobrinha = awesome

Cobrinha is very similar to the Vieira brothers style with fast transitions and precision attacks! Go Cobrinha! I think hes the darkhorse if he gets in.

He beat Feitosa at the Pan Ams 2 weeks ago and Feitosa is fighting. He won the Worlds, Copa Do Mundo, Sao Paolo Circuit and did well at the Brazilian ADCC trials. Come on guys, let the little Cobra in

Ooops sorry he didnt beat Feitosa at the Pan Ams, it was the worlds this past summer. But still, he should be in!


Definately should be in there.

Who cares if he even competes no Gi or not, they put MMA guys in ADCC for christ sakes.

Exactly! He is super exciting and with his winning record, I think he can do some damage in whatever division he is in

I belive Marcelo Garcia lost the Brazilian qualifiers in 2003, and got invited at the last possible moment. From his first match on to his dominating the division, many people learned quickly that Marcelo was a superstar.

I hope Cobrinha has the same rise into the spotlight.

Match of the year=Cobrinha X Leo Vieira

I would like to see in adcc invitations for profesional wrestlers. It would be awesome

You all need to get his DVD. It is great with good moves and lots of extra, actually it sucks, so you don't want to order it for at least another 6 months.

I will be studying it in the meantime, so I can let you know how much it sucks, that is. LOL

awesome game.. love his armbar/shoulder locks