Cocky MMA'er Gets Pwned! (Vid)

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So who's who? If the guy who got beat was MMA'er, who was the other guy?


wocka wocka


I think the point is he came out like a toughguy, pushing his opponent and such. Then Mr. Muay Thai owned his ass.

guy who got beat was the mmaer, the guy doing the beating was a tae
kwon do master. that was pure and perfect tkd.

see? tkd rules.

i think that is zelg galesic that wins. I remember seeing some video of his a while back and i'm pretty sure that clip was in it. I looked on his fight record and his first fight said it was 16 seconds and was a winner by strikes vs Jim Bentley.

Whats the other dude? He doesn't look like your average streetfigher :):)