Coker sets mid-May deadline for Fedor

“There’s still dialogue between us and Fedor’s people,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said. “We’re hopeful we can get the take done as soon a possible. It’s an ongoing process to get him back. It’s been too long already.”


Coker has set a mid-May deadline for putting the match together, as there is a target date of June 26 in San Jose set for the fight and the company wants a full six weeks of promotion.

 good for coker.  he had to put his foot down at some point. 

LOL at all these Strikeforce HW's running away, doesn't Coker know how to write up a contract?  Geez....

At one point does someone become in breach of contract here? Both sides can't be right when it comes to this issue of co-promotion.



ItalianRottie - Now is the time to sign with the UFC. Its now or never.

 Won't happen.

It's obvious this M-1 shit is nothing more than a plague to the companies it co-promotes with.

Fuck it.

Fedor had his time, it was awesome, but it's going to end prematurely  because of the M-1 circus.

The Prime of his fighting career being wasted while these negotiations go on. What a pisser.

Wait until fedor gets beat by king mo.

 Animals yawning

I feel bad for Coker, if this fight falls through I cant see anyone else falling for the M-1 bullshit

So they're doing a show on June 16 and one on June 26? Will both of these be on Showtime or will Fedor be on CBS after all?

Either that or they could set up a Dada5000/M-1 PPV, thatd probably break records

It's sad to say, but i believe Fedor's days are over. He will never fight top guys in MMA again. Fedor has tarnished his own legacy.
Think about it. Fedor goes to a, let's call it, mid-level promotion. Of course he gets a young, not well-known fighter with a decent record (maybe even undefeated like 6-0) Fedor gets beat by this mid-level fighter.

But fedor doesn't seem to care about this. And why would he. Fedor knows he's getting older. Losing is inevitable. He is looking out for himself. If this was a man looking to get the MMA world's approval, he would have signed with the UFC long ago.
A man worried about his Legacy, would rather go out with a loss to a top ranked ranked fighter like Brock.
Many can argue that Fedor's legacy is overrated, thought he fought nobodies in Pride, or any promotion after Pride. But even great fighters lose to a nobody. Anderson lost to Ryo Chonan. GSP lost to Matt Serra.

No one can deny Fedor his rightful place in MMA greats.

Fedor WAS Great.

It's sad to see Fedor allow himself to be a puppet for the Russian mob.

Stop it, everyone knows this is ALL Dana's fault.  Fedor and M-1 are all angels that try their hardest to work with greedy capitalist American pigs.

he needs to cut ties with Fedor cause the casual fan doesn't give a shit about him or M1. Start marketing who you have and bring back Gina for ratings

 I'll always be a Fedor fan but I would love it if Coker told M-1 to shove it.  Then when Vadim comes meekly back trying to salvage a deal, Coker has security throw them out on the street and files a restraining order against them.

Coker seems like a nice, reasonable guy....but Vadim and crew are making him look like a bitch.

Good to see him finally saying something about the situation other than using vague sports analogies.

ItalianRottie - every fuckin time its the same problem....VADIM.

It is not Vadim. Vadim is just Fedor's finger puppet. The problem is Fedor, he is the man who makes all the decisions. He is just hiding that fact behind his little talking head Vadim.

 Fedor/Kerr would probably still be a huge fight.