Colby "Chaos" Covington πŸ†š Dustin Poirier The War of Attrition

Colby after his UFC 272 crushing of Masvidal at UFC 272 Chaos called out a smaller man Dustin Poirier inviting him up to 170. Dustin was once a featherweight.

Can Dustin at 5’9 put on a few pounds and go up to face the wrestler Covington at 170? He is great against wrestlers beating guys like Alvarez, Gaethje, Woodley and others by making them fight his style. Is Colby too big for Dustin? Both guys stopped short of titles and are looking for a big fight. In a battle between Colby Covington vs Dustin Poirier who would you favor?

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Not a good fight for Dustin.


Dustin wants no part of Covington .


I’m a Colby fan but apparently I’m the only one who would be somewhat nervous about this fight lol

Dustin is clearly better than Jorge. He did gas a bit against Charles after one grappling round though. And now he’s β€œbulking” which can’t help lol

I would definitely favor Colby, but I think for at least two rounds Dustin would do better at the start than Jorge did

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Not really. He’s not any more mobile or evasive standing up and he’s not landing those nasty elbows to the side of Colby’s head when Colby presses him against the cage.

Dustin will get taken down a drowned. If Oliveira can take Dustin down, Colby will definitely be able to 1 weight class up, however if Colby drops down it makes for an interesting fight.

Colby vs Islam would also be sick


Dustin loses this one.

Calling out a former featherweight is weak as fuck.

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How about Burns or Chamzat?

Colby has said 1,000x Dustin was heavier than him in training

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Oh well that settles it then.


Huge Poirier fan. Hate this fight for him at 170lbs. Although if he wins hes right in the mix at the top of the division. Id rather see it at a catch weight

Props to Dustin if he takes the fight but he better get his shit together for it. As much as I hate Colby, he’s no slouch in the cage.

Have we already forgotten what Khabib did to Dustin?

After his destruction of Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272, Colby β€œChaos” Convington invited the former featherweight Dustin Poirier to face him at the 170 pound weight class.

See how much succinct, purposeful and clear that statement is?